Hi, I’m Hitesh Sahni

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I have a serious problem. I want to do stuff right. Work right. Travel right. Eat right. In short, live right. But like you, I have no idea who to trust for accurate advice. That's why I write this blog. 

Before writing about anything, I research it to death. If something is worth doing, it's worth doing like a pro.

By attempting to get stuff right, I find myself better able to focus on and enjoy what I am doing instead of fumbling or second-guessing myself. And if you're anywhere like like, you're going to enjoy reading my posts. 

More Facts About Me

I made it through a bachelor's degree in Computer Science with an average GPA.

I barely take any photos from my smartphone. Not even selfies.

I worked for 3 years at CSC

I like Panera Bread, iHop and Chipotle, in that order. 

I hold an MBA from Babson College.

On a weekend, I'll be found watching a Korean movie, if not a comic-book movie.