Hello – From Hitesh Sahni

I help people and businesses challenge the dismal status quo: buggy products, blown budgets, missed deadlines, and stuff that doesn’t work and adds unnecessary burden.

People are treating their life and business like an assembly line process, leading to some terrible outcomes.

I want to build solutions that people would actually use. From the start, I have embraced new ideas and followed the principle of testing everything constantly into my DNA.

After nailing technology (bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and 3 years in CSC), I turned my attention towards the big picture and got good at entrepreneurship, marketing (got an MBA) and social dynamics.

My next goal was helping people and businesses with solutions that meet their true needs, so I started freelancing. Now I work on various projects, as I tackle larger and more complex endeavours.

Craftsmanship is putting something of yourself into everything you provide. It’s designing things that are useful, and building things that are beautiful.

It’s loving what you do, and always working to get better at it. It’s what still inspires me today.